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Sapphire Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Technique

Hair Transplantation has entered a new age as a result of technological advancements in recent years. One of these is the Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant technique.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant technique is one of the most cutting-edge methods of hair transplantation. It is a cutting-edge treatment that allows patients to have more natural-looking hair when the surgery is completed.

FUE is carried out using blades to make incisions in the recipient region of the procedure. Traditional FUE is performed with steel blades, but modern Sapphire FUE is performed using sapphire blades.

During Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) treatment, grafts from the back and sides of the scalp may be removed straight from the back and sides of the scalp.

The FUE method is one of the most advanced and widely utilized hair transplant procedures available today, and it produces results that are as natural as possible.

It has lately taken a significant stride forward with the introduction of sapphire blades. It is important to note that FUE conducted with sapphire blades is not a novel technology but rather an improvement on an established reliable approach.

Patients at the Ista Clinica Clinic may benefit from the use of gentle sedation to boost the effectiveness of this hair transplant technology.

Advantages of Sapphire Blade

  • Blades that are tougher and do not lose their sharpness as readily, hence reducing the risk of tissue injury during the hair transplant process.
  • Much finer incisions. This lowers the amount of harm done to cells during the surgery.
  • When it comes to opening small-sized microchannels, V-shaped sapphire blade tips outperform U shaped steel blades by a factor of a hundred.
  • Sapphire blades are not reactive to metal ions and do not contain metal ions. It is critical for those who are allergic to metals.
  • Sapphire blades have a smooth surface with antibacterial qualities, which is very beneficial for the process of channel opening and for reducing vibration during the hair transplant.
  • Because of the sapphire blade’s sharpness, strength, and antibacterial properties, the risk of consequences such as trauma and scalp tissue damage is decreased.
  • Sapphire blades provide a greater density of hair growth, making it feasible for individuals suffering from advanced hair loss to achieve a complete hair transformation. It also guarantees that all patients have more natural-looking outcomes.
  • Compared to surgeries with steel blades, tissue healing is quicker with this technique.
  • The fact that the channels are opened at the same length as hair follicles mean that the follicles can’t get dislodged or their angle alignment changed after the hair transplanting operation.

Sapphire FUE versus Classic FUE

This section discusses the differences between Sapphire and Classic FUE in terms of the opening of micro-channels.

The procedure of sapphire FUE transplantation is carried out utilizing blades made of a valuable gemstone known as sapphire rather than the steel blades that are utilized in ordinary FUE transplants.

Using sapphire blades to make incisions inside the implantation site is very advantageous. In order to reduce scab development and speed up the healing process, the blades are intended to create tiny microchannels inside the site of implantation prior to hair transplantation.

FUE with sapphire blades is conducted after the patient has been given a local anaesthetic. Hair follicles are harvested one by one from the donor region using a micro motor and micro punches with diameters.

The FUE process involves the transplantation of harvested follicles into the incisions that have been made. They significantly influence the density, angle, and direction of hair growth following a hair transplant, all of which are important factors in achieving a natural look after a hair transplant operation.

For the hair transplant surgery to be successful, it is believed that the procedure of opening the channels is the most critical step.

The usage of sapphire blades is the most effective method available for opening tiny channels. The little incisions, which are the same length as the follicles, are made using sharp, smooth, and durable sapphire blades.

This results in a significant rise in the number of channels that must be opened, which allows the follicles to be transplanted closer to one another.