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DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI Hair Transplantation 

The newest and most sophisticated hair transplantation procedure is Direct Hair Implantation (also known as Choi Method or DHI). The site is created, and the grafts are implanted simultaneously in this approach. This is why most patients prefer DHI Hair Transplantation.

As a result, the channel opening step in the FUE procedure is skipped. An implanter pen (called Choi) with a thin and hollow needle removes the follicles and implants them on the receiving location instead.

The surgeon collects grafts from the source region using an implanter pen, which is then placed into a hollow needle put into the scalp, establishing the incision site where the grafts will be implanted.

Sapphire Blade’s Benefits with Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) 

  • There’s no need to shave the area where the gift will be provided.
  • Grafts are healthier since they only stay outside the body briefly.
  • Recovery time is shorter than with other hair transplant treatments.
  • There’s no trauma, very little blood, or no bleeding at all during the procedure. The implanted region suffers less harm as a result of this.
  • Hair follicles have a 90% survival rate.

Direct Hair Implantation’s (DHI) Drawbacks

  • Physicians and technicians must pay close attention.
  • In general, it is more expensive than the other hair transplant options.
  • This method has a narrow operational region, making it challenging to handle grafts.

How Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Works

DHI is a modified form of FUE hair transplantation that uses a similar technique.

Hair follicles will be removed from a portion of your scalp, generally the back of your head, and implanted into balding areas by your surgeon. These hair follicles will produce new hairs in the future.

The following is a broad outline of what to anticipate during the hair transplantation procedure:

  • Your surgeon will shave your head and numb it with a local anaesthetic.
  • The surgeon will use a fine-tipped instrument to harvest hair follicles from the back of your head.
  • The hair follicles will be inserted into a pen-shaped gadget and implanted into the area of your scalp that is balding.
  • The surgeon will apply an antibiotic ointment to all wounds and wrap them in a bandage.

It takes to do FUE and DHI operations is usually about six to eight hours. However, this might vary depending on the number of hair follicles transplanted.

The full effects of the operation might take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to appear.

Who needs a Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Procedure?

The ideal candidates for hair implantations are those who have androgenic alopecia, which is the most prevalent kind of hair loss. Male or female pattern hair loss is the common name for this disorder.

You may also be a suitable candidate for hair transplantation if you have the following features:

  • Ageing. Hair implants are only recommended for anyone above the age of 25. Hair loss is more variable before this age.
  • The size of your hair. People with thicker hair often have greater outcomes than those with thinner hair. Each hair follicle is better covered with thicker hair.
  • Hair density of the donor. Patients with a donor site hair density of fewer than 40 follicles per square centimetre are considered poor candidates for hair transplants.
  • The colour of your hair. The greatest results are frequently achieved by those with light hair or hair near in colour to their skin tone.
  • Expectations. People who set realistic goals are more likely to be pleased with their outcomes.